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Paintless dent repair
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What is Paintless Dent Removal?

PDR is a craft in which a skilled technician will massage the metal back to its factory finish by sliding a metal rod behind the damaged area and gently manipulating the metal back and forth, it’s not magic it’s a skill that our technicians have learnt from over a decade in this business

There are no text books or manuals for what we do. Just skill and perseverance.

Why choose Paintless Dent Removal over a bodyshop?
Bodyshops are inconvenient, expensive and don't always give you the finish you want. Here at Acedentura we don't fill or paint anything and can be finished within the hour! The bodyshops best kept secret is the PDR technician more often than not when you take your car to a bodyshop they will then call a PDR technician, have the repair done and inflate the price pocketing the difference.
Why is PDR beneficial?

If you go to a traditional body shop, they will use filler and paint to cover over the dented bodywork. We DON'T use filler or paint, we use the natural elasticity of metal to massage it back to its original form.
Where can I get PDR done?
Simple answer...Anywhere!

Unlike a body shop we are completely mobile and can come to you. When booking your repair we will arrange a time and place convenient to you.

How much does it cost?
The very nature of Paintless Dent Rremoval means that it is much cheaper than a body shop repair (sometimes up to 60%) and in some cases it’s less than your insurance excess.
How long will it take?
As all dents vary in size and location on the vehicle, it can take between 30 & 90 minutes to complete the work, this is also dependent on the amount of dents you require removing.